Wine and Mono

David Lee Lambert lamber45 at
Wed Oct 26 07:13:22 CDT 2005

Jonathan Ernst wrote:

>.exe files are often associated with Wine so that it's easy for users to
>double click a windows application and have it working like any native
>Wouldn't it be possible for Wine to detect .Net application and run them
>using mono (mono app.exe) instead of just failing ?
According to an MSDN article ( ),  .NET 
executables are just PE executables that happen to be linked against 
MSCOREE.DLL. Perhaps Wine could detect an attempt to load that DLL and 
call Mono instead.  In theory a program could execute arbitrary code 
first and then have too much state to pass to Mono safely,  but if a lot 
of these applications are mechanically generated stubs it might not be a 

>If that's not wanted, would it be at least possible to issue a message
>to tell the user that the application he'is trying to run is a .Net
>application and that he should try running it using mono ?
>What are your opinions about the handling of .Net executables ?
I tried running a .NET application the other day and it gave me a nice 
error-message (on the console) telling me that I needed to install .NET.

Now that Wine is finally, officially, in a numbered release,  it might 
be a good idea to reopen the question of Wine/Mono dynamic linking or 
other cooperation.  For an example of the bad feelings that some .NET 
users have about WIne,  take a look at the last post (the one dated 
10-15-2005, 6:55) on  (note:  
SharpDevelop is an open-source .NET development environment.)


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