Small CVS-Update-Script

Andreas Schneider andreas.schneider at
Wed Oct 26 09:52:41 CDT 2005

Why don't you help to do further development on the WineCVS script instead of
writing your own?

	-- andreas

Christian Lachner wrote:
> I know that there is something like my script out there but i did
> (again) spend some time on rewriting my own one since i like it better
> ;). This one is compeltely different from my first one - it works the
> same, but does some checks before doing anything , the code is written
> nicer and cleaner and the output is also very nice now :D.
> Have fun with this piece of code!
> On 10/2/05, Andreas Schneider <andreas.schneider at> wrote:
>> Hi gladiac,
>> take a look at
>> Cheers,
>>         -- andreas
>> Gladiac Spark wrote:
>>> This is nothing special but may be useful for some people out there
>>> having problems updating their cvs-trees or being lazy writing some
>>> commands in their console. Copy the 'getwinecvs' to /usr/src or wherever
>>> you want (don't forget to edit the SRC=Variable if you're doing so) and
>>> chmod it to give you x-rights. (e.g.: 'chmod 750 getwinecvs' without quotes)
>>> By running it, it will search for an existing wine-tree... if there is
>>> one, it will be cleaned and then updated; if not, the complete tree will
>>> be downloaded.
>>> When using -c as parameter for getwinecvs, it will automatically begin
>>> to compile after getting all the updates and then install.
>>> To see what it exactly does, have a look at the source.
>>> Even if it is called General CVS-Updater by gladiac it has been written
>>> FOR wine. I hope it is helpful for others. I know it's not very nerdy
>>> but.... who cares ;).
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