Wine regression testing: PIT_

gslink gslink at
Wed Oct 26 11:06:57 CDT 2005

A lot of people have had this same problem in the past.  Managing it is 
a problem but there is a solution.  Establish a policy that all 
regression testing be done within the two latest versions.  If it 
doesn't run now and it did a year ago consider it a different problem. 
This is the only solution that has worked in the past.  It requires a 
test suite be built that can easily test Windows, not Wine, and it 
requires that the tests be run before the next version comes out. 
Versions need to come out at longer intervals with the minor updates in 
between.  This is similar to what is happening now except that when 0.9 
goes to 1.0 or 0.91 all previous versions should be discontinued.  I 
suggest setting 0.9 as a base and fixing what is broken in it without 
any regression testing.  Do regression testing as monthly updates come 
out.  In six months or so bring out a 0.91 version and kill 0.9.  Trying 
to regression test back to the original version is likely to have you 
trying to run 8 bit code.

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