DirectDrawEnumerateExW calls DirectDrawEnumerateExA

Saulius Krasuckas saulius2 at
Wed Oct 26 14:03:36 CDT 2005

DirectDrawEnumerateExW (dlls/ddraw/main.c) calls 
DirectDrawEnumerateExA, which uses 
ddraw_driver struct (dlls/ddraw/ddraw_private.h), which has a member
DDDEVICEIDENTIFIER2 struct (include/ddraw.h), which is defined this way:

typedef struct tagDDDEVICEIDENTIFIER2 {
    char    szDriver[MAX_DDDEVICEID_STRING];
    char    szDescription[MAX_DDDEVICEID_STRING];
    LARGE_INTEGER  liDriverVersion;
    DWORD   dwVendorId;
    DWORD   dwDeviceId;
    DWORD   dwSubSysId;
    DWORD   dwRevision;
    GUID    guidDeviceIdentifier;
    DWORD   dwWHQLLevel;

As this struct keeps base information about a driver and it uses char 
strings, I guess %Subject% cross call should be marked invalid in the 
wiki.  Right?

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