DirectDrawEnumerateExW calls DirectDrawEnumerateExA

Vincent Béron vberon at
Wed Oct 26 16:36:17 CDT 2005

Le mer 26/10/2005 à 16:26, Lionel Ulmer a écrit :
> On Wed, Oct 26, 2005 at 10:03:36PM +0300, Saulius Krasuckas wrote:
> > As this struct keeps base information about a driver and it uses char 
> > strings, I guess %Subject% cross call should be marked invalid in the 
> > wiki.  Right?
> Well, we could move the DDraw code to Unicode and do the opposite (have the
> A function call the W one). But as the only strings we report to the
> application are in English anyway and are not planned to be localized
> anytime soon, it's a bit overkill to do this work for no gain at all.
> If one day someone wants to have the DirectX driver name reported in
> Chinese, let him to the work of unicodification of DDraw :-)

I started work on this already (but only to get rid of the corresponding
item in the output of winapi_check). I don't know when it'll be ready
for submission (I have a couple others to resubmit as well).

Maintaining a list of "invalid" finds by winapi_check is a PITA as if
don't have access to said list, you'll have to check some items which
are already determined as "don't worry". It's much better to fix the
offending code, or in some specific cases winapi_check itself (like some
HAVE_ macros which are not in config.h), or if a check doesn't make any


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