Thank you for closing my bugzilla account...

Jonathan Ernst Jonathan at
Thu Oct 27 04:10:21 CDT 2005


Yesterday, after having manually closed some old fixed bugs, I discussed
with infyquest and tlambregts on irc and tlambregts told us that instead
of manually closing the bugs, bugzilla had a "change several bugs at
once function"

It was then discussed that bugs that are FIXED and where resolution is
not LATER or DUPLICATE or REMIND should be marked CLOSED as the fixes
have been integrated in an official release (namely 0.9).

FYI the CLOSED status means:
        The bug is considered dead, the resolution is correct. Any
        zombie bugs who choose to walk the earth again must do so by
        becoming REOPENED.
Unfortunately bugzilla doesn't allow to close bugs directly from their
fixed state so you have to verify them before and thus it will send two
mails for each bug closed. I don't think it was possible to turn off
change notification at that time (tlambregts even told me that the two
spam bugs were normal because of the way bugzilla works) but I cannot
verify it as my account has been gently disabled...

However it seems that ivanleo didn't like my CLOSING session because
some of the bugs were not "fixed". Can someone tell me how a bug can be
not fixed and marked as resolved-fixed (see my query) ?

The discussion on IRC took place at a time when there were many of you
(vitamin, Thunderbird, kbln, infyquest, _Marcus_, tlambregts, cmorgan
and so on) and nobody seemed to think it would be a bad idea to close
bugs that were fixed before the latest release came out.

Thanks for clarifying the situation.
Jonathan Ernst <Jonathan at>
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