Thank you for closing my bugzilla account...

Vijay Kiran Kamuju infyquest at
Thu Oct 27 04:46:54 CDT 2005

Well i think it should be like this
The verified bugs may/not (je ne pas) be re-opened and only resolved
bugs can be re-opened.
And closed state is equivalent verified state.
And Verified state does not have all the sub states like LATER, CLOSED,...

On 10/27/05, Jonathan Ernst <Jonathan at> wrote:
> Le jeudi 27 octobre 2005 à 14:56 +0530, Vijay Kiran Kamuju a écrit :
> > Hi,
> > Yesterday there was a session indeed but there was misunderstanding
> > regarding the bug status,  ie, RESOLVED LATER, RESOLVED CLOSED,
> > VERIFIED, etc.
> > It would be better if we could put some details regarding the bug
> > status on the bugzilla or FAQ pages, as there are some differences in
> > the explanation of these.
> > I am used to a different bug management app (ClearDDTS) where there
> > are only 4-5 states a bug can
> > Sorry, i caused any misunderstanding.
> The bug status explanation are on this page:
> (you can get here by clicking on the "status" link in any bug page).
> If their meaning is not clear enough, I think the changes you suggest
> should be made here.

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