Thank you for closing my bugzilla account...

Ivan Leo Puoti ivanleo at
Thu Oct 27 07:29:49 CDT 2005

Jonathan Ernst wrote:

>Yesterday, after having manually closed some old fixed bugs, I discussed
>with infyquest and tlambregts on irc and tlambregts told us that instead
>of manually closing the bugs, bugzilla had a "change several bugs at
>once function"
>It was then discussed that bugs that are FIXED and where resolution is
>not LATER or DUPLICATE or REMIND should be marked CLOSED as the fixes
>have been integrated in an official release (namely 0.9).
You should still check them manually, by running the program and see if 
the bug is really fixed, then write something like "I tried this with 
0.9 and it's fixed", not just mass close everything. The whole point of 
verifying bugs is to actually verify they are fixed.


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