Thank you for closing my bugzilla account...

Dimi Paun dimi at
Thu Oct 27 11:14:57 CDT 2005

From: "Ivan Leo Puoti" <ivanleo at>
> You should still check them manually, by running the program and see if 
> the bug is really fixed, then write something like "I tried this with 
> 0.9 and it's fixed", not just mass close everything. The whole point of 
> verifying bugs is to actually verify they are fixed.

First, it is the responsibility of the reporter to verify the bug.
It is totally unrealistic to think that others will go do the 
verification -- they lack the software, the context, and the motivation/

Second, we had close to a thousand bugs in that state. They do more
harm then good lingering about. If the original reporter can not be
bothered to verify it, they should be closed.

Third, Jonathan has done a lot of good work, and I find it way
over the top to remove his Bugzilla account over this issue.
Yes, this may have been handled better, etc. but I see no reason
for such drastic measures. I don't know who removed his account,
but this was done with _way_ less consensus than his actions.
Please restore his Bugzilla privileges.

Dimi Paun <dimi at>
Lattica, Inc.

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