Could not determine operating system. Exiting.

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Thu Oct 27 12:55:38 CDT 2005

Thursday, October 27, 2005, 11:41:02 AM, Pavel Troller wrote:
>> I'm guessing the answer is no, but is there a free version of the
>> program or a demo that we can download?  It's hard to find this type
>> of bug without having the program to tinker with.  Assuming the answer
>> is no, can you provide the line where the dialog pops up and ~1000
>> lines before that point in a +version,+relay log?  Zip that up and
>> either send it back to the list (if the size isn't too large and the
>> mailing list lets it through) or post it on a website where we can
>> access the log.
> Hi James!
>   Thanks for Your help, I made some progress in this issue.
>   I've looked once more to the +relay log (+version gives nothing). I've
> found that about 2000 lines before the dialog pops up there is a block
> reading all the NAMES of environment variables and comparing them with
> "OS". So I intuitively entered OS="Windows NT" before starting the program
> and now I'm getting another pop-up, saying that only NT is supported. So my
> "OS string" is wrong. I can find, where my name string retrieved from the
> envvar, but there isn't any comparison visible in the log (i.e. it's done
> internally in the program). 
>   So what I need now, is an exact string, which NT4.0 put to the OS envvar.
You was really close: OS=Windows_NT


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