Could not determine operating system. Exiting.

wino at wino at
Thu Oct 27 13:01:00 CDT 2005

  On 10/27/05, Pavel Troller <patrol at> wrote:
>>   Is there a possibility to find, which tricks is the program trying to
>> determine an OS it's running on ? I've tried WINEDEBUG=+relay, found  
>> the place
>> where the dialog was requested but I didn't find anything suspicious  
>> before.

I suggest looking at the "reg" chanel , my bet is it will be looking for  
something like software/microsoft/windows/version ..... that would seem to  
be the most obvious check for a program to do and probably the officially  
correct way to do so.

look at your NT system to get the specific key then log all your  
WINEDEBUG= output to a text file and grep it for the key.


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