wine overstepping the mark?

Vincent Béron vberon at
Thu Oct 27 17:32:09 CDT 2005

Le jeu 27/10/2005 à 18:17, cdr a écrit :
> wino at wrote:
> > Well that's why the sandbox is there...
> You are absolutely right. More and more Linux applications
> are becoming in this respect indistinguishable from Windows
> applications: they never even question their "right" to change
> your system behind your back. In their arrogance, they never
> even consider that one might want to restrict their ability
> to change things to that which belongs to a single user.

If you install it for a single user, install it _as_ a single user.
Without root access, it won't change anything for the rest of the

Or check what it does, and don't let it do what you don't like. The
source _is_ available, you know.


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