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Thu Oct 27 21:22:29 CDT 2005

A user sent this to the appdb mailing list.  I thought the talkback idea was 
an interesting one that we might want to consider now that we are nearing 


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1. what I would like to see are Wine talkback versions

a) terminal output + related app + wine version + other config
b) delete dublicates
c) automatical submission to a server
d) add to app specific database if not dublicate

* Wine developers are able to determine what console output is generated when
 using the software * It is traceable what real applications will get
 improved when a certain FIXME is fixed and what applications depend on a
 bug. * app related bug reporting via automation
* it is possible to limit reporting to certain apps e.g. gold and silver apps
 only or certain types of bugs and to set a time limit for the talkback
 feature, so you get no old version reports. * you can determine what
 applications were tried by users and whether problems still exist * bug
 reporting becomes easier.

2. Where do I find documentation about the different kinds of wine bugs
 reported at the console?

Unexpected calls
bugs invoking wine-dbg

When you run an application with you run into "bugs". But certainly there
 often is no strict severity. What are severe errors that need to get
What are just unimplemented features?

I further assume that bugzilla FIXMEs are not the same as console output 

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