Wine regression testing: PIT_

Molle Bestefich molle.bestefich at
Fri Oct 28 06:39:46 CDT 2005

Jonathan Ernst wrote:
> If you remove the word processor I think you'll be under 30-40MB
> uncompressed with these ones:
> I didn't find a ready to use minidistro with gnome or/and kde as these
> applications are really big. You could also try something like ubuntu
> and install only the minimum reqs of Wine.
> Thanks for your efforts; looking forward to testing your VMWare
> machines !

For the record, I still think it's a better idea to make older
releases compileable by applying the minimalistic patches required. 
It has several advantages:

a.) Effort can easily be shared by multiple volunteers by simply
identifying individual patches needed to compile correctly.
b.) Patches are usually required not only by one release, but by one
release _and_ all prior releases.  Lots of prior releases can be fixed
at the same time, once a culprit has been identified.
c.) Hotfixing requires a lot less effort than the virtual machine approach.

Depending on how much effort the VM thingy is, I might only make the
one or two VMs that I need for my testing, and just modify th{at/ose}
as I go along.

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