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Fri Oct 28 13:02:41 CDT 2005

On Fri, 28 Oct 2005 19:50:41 +0200, Chris Morgan <chmorgan at>  

> On 10/28/05, wino at <wino at> wrote:
>> I dont think you should be so quick to over-ride that maintainer's
>> evaluation. It would seem likely that they have looked into it a bit
>> deeper than the average user. (Maybe weight the maintainers rating)
> Shouldn't we listen to the normal user more than a potentially expert
> maintainer?  If normal users try the app and can't run it then we,
> people involved with wine, are really to blaim.  If a maintainer can
> use their knowledge to make the app run and document it well then
> users should have success and report success.  If normal users can't
> then we've simply not made it easy enough for them to do or
> understand.
> Chris

That's why I made other suggestions and stated showing both would be more  

User's may make a half-arsed attempt at installing, not reading the  
maintainers notes and then moan by posting a poor rating.

The two are very different and I dont think it is best to over-ride one  
with the  other either way round.

A big difference would then be a pointer to a possible problem either with  
the installation , the DB entry , or an over-enthusiastic maintainer.

Both seems to be the best option for a number of compelling reasons.


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