alt-tab task switching form a wine app

Anthony R. Tuel atuel at
Thu Oct 27 15:16:23 CDT 2005

It seems when I have an app up running under wine (lotus notes 6.5.4 in my case) and I switch to another app (using a gaim messaging window in my case) using alt tab, when I come back to my notes window its as if I'm still holding the alt key.  Not sure if this happens in other apps, but its really noticible in notes since it uses the alt key for all sorts of keyboard shortcuts.  So if i'm writing a new email in notes, someone sends me an IM, I alt-tab switch over to gaim, when I switch back to notes and want to hit enter for a new line, it brings up the font properties windows (alt+enter being the font properties shortcut).  This seems to happen with both 20050930 and the .9 releases at least.  Has anyone else seen this issue?
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