Custom Windows Program Loader

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Fri Oct 28 08:33:13 CDT 2005

    Hey All,

    I've been trying to solve a problem that WINE seems to have tacked quite 
properly: I need to run a Windows application under Windows OS using custom 
DLLs in place of Windows-kernel DLLs. For instance, I wanna be able to run 
the Notepad application loading all its required DLLs from the 
Windwos/System path but, for instance, user32.dll, that I will provide as a 
custom implementation.

    As I can seem, WINE program loader does the job, but not under Windows. 
Does anybody have any clue on how to make this "magic" happens on a Windows 
environment (possibly inside cygwin) ? Does anybody know any other tool 
capable of providing this functionality ?

    Thanks a lot,


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