wine overstepping the mark?

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Fri Oct 28 14:00:31 CDT 2005

> Stop , no more! That is _exactly_ the windows mentality I am refering to.
> That is the whole point.
> This , " I know what you want and need so I will take over and run your
> system and your life just to be nice and user-frendly" is what we REALY,
> REALY dont need transfering to Linux.
I know that this is not exactly the point, but I think the 
Gnome/KDE/whatsoever mime type handling can cope with multiple applications 
per mime type. So if dosemu is allready asociated, wine wouldn't overwrite 
this, it just adds itself to the list of possible apps. At least that's what 
happens with the Open Document formats when both OpenOffice and Kword are 
installed. If I click on an .odt file, Openoffice comes up, if I right click 
it, I can select OpenOffice Writer, Kword, or let KDE open an application 
chooser dialog, where I can pass any application.

I think what Wine does here is perfectly ok. Many other Linux apps add 
themselves to the Menu / Mime type database(OpenOffice, KOffice, Firefox, 
RealPlayer. Not doing so would cause many problems for new users. On the 
other hand, if one doesn't want an app to modify it's system, it's perfectly 
OK to install it for one user only.

If there's a problem with overriding existing mime type asociations, than the 
mime type handling is too limited and should be extended, for example, by 
allowing multiple applications to be asociated with a mime type, like KDE 


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