running two instances of WoW

Tomas Carnecky tom at
Fri Oct 28 14:11:42 CDT 2005

works fine with cedega, but doesn't work with wine. It's like the two 
windows steal each other the focus (even if they are in different 
workspaces), it starts to flicker and both game instances are unusable 
(the whole desktop is unusable).

Also, if I'm running one instance and minimize/maximize the game it 
seems like wine minimizes and maximizes the window about 3-5 times (eg. 
it also starts to flicker).
Soem time ago I examined the wine code and found out that someone calls 
the win32 function for minmizing/maximizing the window several times.

Are you aware of this? If there any intension to change this behaviour 
and in that case, should I provide more information?


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