wine overstepping the mark?

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Fri Oct 28 18:39:28 CDT 2005

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The running of wine programs is not controlled by the mimetype but by a feature
of the linux kernel.

In /etc/init.d you might find a init script called wine. This script uses the
kernel modules binfmt_misc to tell the linux kernel that when it encounters a
file being executed with a special byte in the header to call it with wine. You
can disable this by disabling the wine init script. If you do this then you will
not be able to type notepad.exe and have it launch wine. You will actually have
to type wine notepad and assuming notepad is in your winepath then it will work.
 Otherwise you'll probably get a file not found error.

Using the binfmt_misc kernel module is 100% optional and is enabled to make
things easier for the normal user. If you don't want it, turn it off.


Dustin Navea wrote:
> I think I mis-worded what I was trying to say..  I believe that the
> mimetypes have to be updated specifically for the .exe binaries.  If you
> have ever tried to click on an executable when wine is not installed,
> your GUI shows you the action that it is running the file, but it
> doesn't do anything (because wine isnt installed, and the gui can't run
> PE binaries, only aout and elf ones)..  So wine has to update the
> mimetype for exe's, so that when you double click on one, it does the
> same as opening a console and typing "wine filename.exe"..
> Hope that clears up what I was trying to say previously.
> Dustin
> wino at wrote:
>> On Thu, 27 Oct 2005 21:23:48 +0200, Dustin Navea
>> <speeddymon at>  wrote:
>>> I dont see how that is a problem?  AFAIK wine has to mod them so
>>> that  when you double click on an exe in your GUI, the GUI knows what
>>> program  to load the exe's with...  but then again I could be wrong. 
>>> anyone else?
>>> Dustin
>> Well that's why the sandbox is there.
>> I install Wine for one specific user account that has suitably
>> restricted  access rights. I do not want wine or wine installer to go
>> outside that  brief.
>> I want wine on this system so that I can use on or two bits of
>> windows  software , I DO NOT want it to start thinking it really IS
>> windows and  start taking over my computer for me.
>> That is the fundamental reason why I use Linux and not M$.

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