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> It seems when I have an app up running under wine (lotus notes 6.5.4 in  
> my case) and I switch to another app (using a gaim messaging window in  
> my case) using alt tab, when I come back to my notes window its as if  
> I'm still holding the alt key.  Not sure if this happens in other apps,  
> but its really noticible in notes since it uses the alt key for all  
> sorts of keyboard shortcuts.  So if i'm writing a new email in notes,  
> someone sends me an IM, I alt-tab switch over to gaim, when I switch  
> back to notes and want to hit enter for a new line, it brings up the  
> font properties windows (alt+enter being the font properties shortcut).   
> This seems to happen with both 20050930 and the .9 releases at least.   
> Has anyone else seen this issue?

No idea , dont use Notes/Lotus but I would guess it is picking up the fact  
that the alt-key is still down when it get the focus back and taking it as  
a keypress.

It is not std bahaviour to take that as a keydown event but I would try to  
get out of it as you would if you pressed the alt in the app and then  
changed your mind. (Esc. Cntl_C , I dont know Notes.)

That is assuming you have a problem with it. If you are just curious about  
why, I think the answer is the non-std way it is handing key-states.



I can escape my way out of it by pressing escape though that escape event also translates into whatever the action would by if the alt key wasnt in the picture.So if you were writing a new note and pressed escape, it would attempt to close the note.  Alternatively, you can hit alt-alt to cancel it which is slightly less anoying but none the less still annoying.

I did notice one other thing on this.  Alt-down event (without tab) in notes displays many short cut reminders.  It will place little tags over vaiour buttons on the screen to say alt-buttonx will activate that button.  For example, it places a "1" over the Send button (among other things) when composing a new note to indicate pressing alt-1 will send the note.  The corresponding alt-up event will hide the short cut reminders and leave the file menu highlighted (as expected).  Then pressing alt again will cacnel out that highlight of the file menu.

Under real windows, the behaviour is different.  Alt-tabing away from notes, and then comming back to it leaves notes as if nothing was ever pushed.  It does briefly display the  shorcut reminders but by the time I switch back to the notes window, there is no sign of alt ever being pressed.

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