The Holy Grail - Wine 0.9 - thanks to all

Randall Walls rwalls at
Sat Oct 29 08:30:25 CDT 2005

No, I do have the same issue with the small intro movie as you do. I had 
not enabled fog for the moment so I can't confirm if that is an issue as 
well. The only other thing that I noticed is that the sound has some 
small 'pops' in it. My guess is that this may be the same issue 
described in the directsound mixer.c thread that Davin McCall seems to 
be working on.

Everything else though (with the exception of the fonts, I'm not sure if 
you can confirm that as well) is exactly as it should be. I can run with 
all the graphics options on max and I haven't had any graphical issues 
at all. Framerate is more than acceptable. When I first started the game 
I fully expected SOMETHING to be wrong... like the textures would be 
reversed or some of the models would be deformed or something. That was 
half the reason for my original e-mail. I played the game for about an 
hour and I kept waiting for something to break, but it ran, for the most 
part, flawlessly for that entire time and more.

The only other issue is upon exiting the game I get an 'error writing to 
address' that pops up in a separate window and I have to kill X and then 
log back in to get the proper resolution back.

Randall Walls

H. Verbeet wrote:

>I think this particular patch:
>stopped the game from crashing right after the load screen :)
>I'm curious though, when you say the graphics are flawless, does that
>include the "intro movie" at the start? For me it seems to get the
>first frame / background wrong. Note that the pattern used is the same
>as the one used for the initial X root window, but with the colors
>Something else that's wrong, for me at least, is the fact that fog
>seems to be missing.
>I suspect this particular err indicates the reason:
>err:ddraw:set_render_state Unhandled dwRenderStateType
>D3DRENDERSTATE_RANGEFOGENABLE (00000030) value : 00000000 !
>However, as far as I'm concerned neither of those are major issues,
>just the kind of stuff that makes the difference between "decent" and
>"great" support for an application.

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