The Holy Grail - Wine 0.9 - thanks to all

Christian Costa titan.costa at
Sun Oct 30 06:46:13 CST 2005

H. Verbeet wrote:

>On 10/30/05, Christian Costa <titan.costa at> wrote:
>>IIRC, a patch fixing this problem was commited about 2 or 3 months ago.
>This one?
>It doesn't touch CreateLight. The crash happens because of this check
>in GL_IDirect3DImpl_3_2T_1T_CreateLight:
>    if (fl == MAX_LIGHTS) {
>        return DDERR_INVALIDPARAMS; /* No way to say 'max lights reached' ... */
>    }
>The application is sloppy for not checking the result of course, but
>on Windows the call never fails, at least not for creating more lights
>than the hardware supports.
This one, yes !
I've just taken a look at it again and it seems the patch only fixed the 
Older ones should be fixed too. I'll try to fix it today if nobody is 
working on it.

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