DirectSound problems - dlls/dsound/mixer.c

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Sun Oct 30 10:42:24 CST 2005

> Here is the patch.

And here are my test results:

* Half-Life: It works with alsa+standard hardware acceleration(yeah!). 
Navigating the menus is much faster(great!), it's the same speed as on 
windows. I didn't expect the sound output as the reason for the slowlyness.

* Counterstrike: Alsa still doesn't work(as before), I have to fall back to 
OSS(which doesn't have acceleration because it's only emulated by alsa). No 
change here. This is strange, because CS is only a HL mod.

* Jedi Knight Jedi Academy: Works nicely with alsa(don't know if it did 
before), still has a 0.5 secound sound lag with acceleration(as it did 

* Battlefield 1942: Difficult to explain: The old situation was that the sound 
started playing when the game starts, but if short sounds(shooting, clicking 
buttons) are played, fragments of the sounds remain in the sound queue and 
form a louder and louder background noise. This makes the sound unuseable. 
Additionally, activating the sound output in winecfg has a very negative 
impact on the speed.
New: No sound without acceleration, but also no speed impact(so an 
improvement). The old sound situation with standard acceleration, speed is 
still good.

I haven't found any regression, as long as the "no sound without acceleration" 
in BF1942 isn't considered an regression.

Continue the good work ;-)


PS: I haven't done any sound specific tests lately, so some changes I report 
might be caused by other patches(If there were any)


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