DirectSound problems - dlls/dsound/mixer.c

Randall Walls rwalls at
Sun Oct 30 15:40:14 CST 2005


Tested with Battlezone 2. Both patched and unpatched the in-game (non 
movie) sound exhibits a popping sound (minor but mildly annoying) with 
lines and lines of

(0x454d16b8,0x4686cad8,ca,0,0x47a002ec,0x4041b054,0x47a002c8): stub


err:dsound:DSOUND_MixInBuffer length not a multiple of block size, len = 
281, block size = 4

The first error I expected to see again, and I believe that this is the 
one responsible for the popping noises. The second I thought could be 
rectified by your patch, which seems to have tried to pad the length to 
match a block size multiple, but it appears that either I interpreted 
your comments wrong or the patch did not succeed.

Also tested DeusEx - sound exhibited no errors. In the past the game had 
always sounded just a bit fuzzy, although I have not played it in so 
long that it might not be your patch that fixed this issue.

I've got a couple other apps that I can test. Will report back.


James Hawkins wrote:

>On 10/30/05, Randall Walls <rwalls at> wrote:
>>With patch applied I can't get mixer.c to compile. I'm getting an error
>>that 'still_behind' is undeclared, but apparently DSOUND_MixOne is
>>attempting to use it.
>>I get no errors when I patch mixer.c and audio.c. I'm patching against
>>the 0.9 release, not against cvs, but I don't think that would matter, I
>>don't think that the content of the files has changed since the release.
>>I'll run through the patch and see if I can spot anything odd.
>Just comment out the TRACE that contains still_behind.  gcc reports
>the file and line number of the error.
>James Hawkins

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