KERNEL: force copying of DOS-style path into argv[0] of PE process (was: Re: Queries about some 'usability' points) - partially fixes #3542

Molle Bestefich molle.bestefich at
Mon Oct 31 12:18:24 CST 2005

Alex Villací­s Lasso wrote:
> This differs from standard behavior in MS-DOS and Windows,
> where the argv[0] of the process contains a fully qualified DOS-style
> path (such as C:\WINDOWS\FOO.EXE) regardless of the method used to run
> the executable.

> This means that [...] the PE process receives an UNIX-style relative path as its argv[0].

Mike Hearn wrote:
> I think the conclusion last time we looked at this was that this is
> actually a characteristic of Explorer, not Windows, and so it's really
> caused by the fact that most Wine users run the apps from the command line
> not via the shortcuts. If you run Dungeon Keeper in the wrong way from the
> command line in Windows it'll crash too IIRC.

Uhm.  Explain to me how the above ratifies _not_ converting the
Unix-style path to a Windows-style path before handing it to the app? 
We ARE trying to emulate Windows, are we not?

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