Unmet dependency with Mozilla ActiveX install

Ron Jensen wino at jentronics.com
Mon Oct 31 16:51:51 CST 2005

I tried installing a free game at random [1] from a web site
I found [2]. I downloaded it and tried installing it into a freshly
created with "wineprefixcreate" .wine folder.

The game installed without a problem.  When I tried to run the game wine
presented a dialog that said I needed Mozilla ActiveX controls and
offered to download & install them.  The download worked, however the
install _FAILED_ .

I found a web site [3] with troubleshooting tips.  It suggested I was
missing two dlls, MSVCP60.DLL and MSVCRT.DLL.  I downloaded the zip file
[4] and unzipped it into ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system .

Reran the game, wine presented the same dialog about ActiveX.  This time
it downloaded & installed properly.  The game started, ran and played.

Two issues come to mind for the ActiveX installer:
- it need to check for MSVCP60.DLL and MSVCRT.DLL before it bothers to
download ActiveX.
- it should cache the ActiveX download ( in /tmp maybe? ) with an option
to keep it on hand.  Since wine is installed per user it is probable a
machine may need to install this more than once.   

[1] http://www.kprobe.com/kprobe/Downloads/SetupXMasMath.exe
[2] http://www.kprobe.com/kprobe/index.htm

[3] http://www.iol.ie/~locka/mozilla/troubleshooting.htm
[4] http://www.iol.ie/~locka/mozilla/runtime60.zip

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