DirectSound problems - dlls/dsound/mixer.c

Vincent Béron vberon at
Mon Oct 31 18:05:57 CST 2005

Le lun 31/10/2005 à 18:10, Jesse Allen a écrit :
> Sorry, but things are a bit weird with the supplied wine-0.9 for FC3.
> In order to counter-proof, I did a rpmbuild -bb ... with the *unpatched*
> sources from wine-0.9-1fc3-winehq and also ended up with dead sound,
> until I set winecfg to "OSS"!
> Then sound worked with patched or unpatched mixer.c source.

Which alsa-libs rpms do you have? Any other sound related things not
added via rpm?

The patches in the FC3 srpm don't touch anything even remotely related
to sound output, so it's probably a build machine difference we're

> Strangely, when I installed the provided binary FC3.rpm, winecfg works
> only with "ALSA" sound setting.
> Obviously there is something wrong with the build specs of this package,
> I have to check later.

See above. A
rpm -qa | LC_ALL=POSIX sort>rpm-list.txt
might be helpful.


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