killing wine dregs

Mike McCormack mike at
Mon Oct 31 18:10:35 CST 2005

wino at wrote:

> bash-3.00#pgrep wine -l
> 10666 wineserver
> 10690 wine-preloader
> bash-3.00#
> I took the system right down to the login console and still cant clean up.
> Do I really have to reboot as the only way to clean up this mess?
> This is taking windows emulation too far!! ;)

"killall -9 wine-preloader" works for me every time, however some older 
kernels have a bug which causes zombie processes (a placeholder for the 
process return code) to never be removed in the kernel.  I think this 
was fixed around Linux 2.6.7 (ie. the unpatched Linux kernel).


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