Patch: DSound: PhaseCancel subtracts secondary from primary

Davin McCall davmac at
Mon Oct 31 18:38:39 CST 2005

Hi wine-devs,

I have sent this patch to wine-patches, but it appears to have been dropped. I have resent it with some additional explanantion (below).

Is there anything I've done wrong / anything I should do in order to get this patch accepted?

Any advice would be appreciated,


PS. How long should I wait for a patch to be accepted before I assume it's been dropped?

This is my first ever wine patch.

I have been doing work on DSound as discussed on wine-devel with some very promising results (see the discussion there). As a result I have a large number of changes which I intend to provide a series of patches for.

This is one is probably the most trivial fix and is largely unrelated to the other fixes. But if you look at the code for a while as I have you can see that it's obviously correct - the existing implementation of PhaseCancel inverts the original waveform; with this patch it doesn't.

Please consider accepting.
- Davin

DSound: PhaseCancel subtracts secondary buffer from primary buffer, not the other way around.

Davin McCall    davmac at

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