[Now ns7] Dragon ns8 problem

Jean Magnan de Bornier jean at bornier.net
Fri Sep 2 07:24:39 CDT 2005

Le 31 août à 09:07:52 Jean Magnan de Bornier <jean at bornier.net> écrit notamment:

| Sorry, I must cancel this message; if IE is launched, the install of ns7
| seems to start, but some problems arise; more on this later...

Hi all,
Still trying to install ns7, here is what happens:

~wine /mnt/cdrom/setup.exe

I get lots of these (and only these):

err:ole:marshal_object object doesn't expose interface
{be6115a1-7de5-48dc-ad2a-25060e00fce2}, failing with error 0x80004002
IRemUnknown_RemQueryInterface failed with error 0x80004002

Then appears a window saying (in french) that my machine must be rebooted
in order for some windows files to be updated, then I can start the
install procedure again.

What should I do?
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