winebuld/winecrt changes and breakages

Ivan Leo Puoti ivanleo at
Sat Sep 3 00:18:16 CDT 2005

Your recent changes have broken the ntoskrnl build, because we're forced 
to link to kernel32 (that we don't need nor want)
Could you please fix this? ntoskrnl is meant to be a native program 
anyway, so it shouldn't have an entry point routine like win32 progs.
Being able to use NtProcessStartup instead of main would be an extra 
bonus. Of course this means we'll have to call NtProcessTerminate at 
shutdown but that's something all native progs on windows have to do too.
Also I believe this patch of your to be wrong:
The entry point of native drivers is DriverEntry, native drivers don't 
link to kernel32, thus can't call ExitProcess, also consider DriverEntry 
is like DllMain, it's an initialisation routine, the real work is then 
done by the DispatchDeviceControl function, so if you call ExitProcess 
nobody will have a chance to call the driver anyway. And all this is 
taken care by the io subsystem, so that entry point routine really 
shouldn't be there (Apart from the fact that windows doesn't have it).


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