(shlfolder.c test)

Paul Vriens Paul.Vriens at
Sat Sep 3 07:49:37 CDT 2005


this change to shell32/tests/shlfolder.c fails on Win98/WinNT and
W2KProf because ILFindLastID is not exported on those platforms.

I tried to change shlfolder.c to test for the export, but that shows
that it's not exported on Wine either ? The .spec file says different.

Apart from that, 2 todo_wine's can be removed:

shlfolder.c:452: Test succeeded inside todo block: SFGAO_FILESYSTEM
attribute is not set for MyDocuments!
shlfolder.c:461: Test succeeded inside todo block: RegOpenKeyEx failed!
result: 00000000

But I'd like to leave that to the person how fixes the first
problem :-).



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