Delphi edit control created in Unicode instead of ANSI mode

Michael Kaufmann hallo at
Sun Sep 4 09:47:19 CDT 2005

Hi Frank,

One of your theming patches ( ) has caused 
a problem in many Delphi applications. The edit controls of Delphi 
applications are now created in Unicode mode. I hope you have an idea 
why this happens... Of course Delphi applications are ANSI and expect 
ANSI controls in their windows.

If you believe that this is a real problem, you won't need to read the 
rest of this email :-)

Because the Delphi edit controls are now in Unicode mode, the messages 
sent to them have to be translated from ANSI to Unicode and back. When a 
program reads the "Text" property of a TEdit control, Delphi sends a 
WM_GETTEXTLENGTH message. Wine doubles the return value when translating 
back from Unicode to ANSI because of double-byte character sets. 

Now Delphi gets the doubled text size (should be no problem because 
WM_GETTEXTLENGTH only returns an upper limit of the text size, but 
Delphi doesn't regard this fact). Because Delphi does NOT use 
zero-terminated strings, Delphi will return a string that has twice the 
size of the text in the edit control and contains a '\0' character. If 
the application then concatenates this string with another string and 
passes the result to a Windows API function, the API function will only 
see the first string because of the '\0' character.

I've discovered the problem because installers created by InnoSetup ( ) are now failing. You may use my simple 
Delphi demo program to test the bug:


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