Possible regression in CVS wine

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Sun Sep 4 13:41:35 CDT 2005

  I've just upgraded wine on my son's computer by today's CVS. He tried some
games and one of them stopped working. It's hind95 and the game bails out on
an illegal instruction - outb, jumping into winedbg. Backtrace shows just
3 levels of game code itself, no dlls involved.
  I understand that user code cannot perform direct hardware I/O, but the game
worked just before the upgrade (on wine about 1 month old). I don't know whether
wine is normally intercepting and emulating these instructions, and the CVS
version doesn't, or whether a new wine caused that another code path has been
activated in the game code, leading to such a problem.
  There is also native w2k version of the game (hind.exe) but it still doesn't
work in wine: it very sllllooooowwwwwllllyyyy renders the splash screen and
then sits there and does nothing more.
  The game can be freely downloaded from www.abandonia.com; just search "hind"
in the title page. There is probably a dynamic download URL used so I'm not
posting it there.
                                    With regards, Pavel Troller

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