Suggestions for improvement of the emulator

Alex Tanner lxtanner at
Sun Sep 4 15:24:35 CDT 2005

I can't understand why the members of the Wine project
are always complaining about lack of manpower.
The lack of manpower is probably due to there being
different flavours of Wine developed by different
companies. If all the companies worked together on a
single WinXP-Pro-emulating flavour of Wine, the
manpower problem would be solved. There would be other
advantages to this: -
a) Windows API functions would be implemented more
b) There would be better support for the latest
Windows applications.
c) People would no longer have problems running
applications that fail to work simply because they
need support files from more than one Wine flavour.
d) There wouldn't be multiple teams of people
pointlessly trying to implement the same Windows API
functions as each other for different flavours of
Wine, because each team would no longer be going
its own way.

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