Problems with winecfg and theming

Ron Jensen etech at
Sun Sep 4 19:17:09 CDT 2005

On Wed Aug 31 14:19:53 CDT 2005, Kevin DeKorte wrote:
>On Wednesday 31 August 2005 01:03 pm, Paul Vriens wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm not able to use winecfg and theming. If I select to add a theme I
>> get an exception after selecting the file and clicking OK.
>> the .msstyles files seems to have been copied to the right place. When I
>> however start winecfg again and go to the Appearance tab I get a new
>> exception. Remove everything under Resources/Themes 'fixes' this so
>> there must be something wrong with the enumeration.
>> Anybody else experiencing this?
>> Paul.
> Yes, I can duplicate this crash as well.
> Kevin

I was playing with theming after pulling from CVS on the 27th.
I tried to use theming today after pulling from CVS on Sep 1.

The Appearance tab worked before, it doesn't work now.  Removing
all the msstyles files from windows\resources\themes\*\ stops the

I reversed patches 19901 and 19915 but that didn't seem to help.


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