[Now ns7] Dragon ns8 problem

Jean Magnan de Bornier jean at bornier.net
Mon Sep 5 08:23:26 CDT 2005

Le 02 septembre à 20:37:50 wino at piments.com écrit notamment:

| It is possible that you are getting caught out by a modal dialogue that is  
| not being brought to the top of the z-order : ie not comming to the front.
| I wrote about this in one of my msgs earlier this year but you may have  
| missed it since there was a lot of detail.
| I found it best to drag the red Dragon Systems splash to one side once it  
| appears. I was being caught out by a simple "OK" button that I could not  
| see and I thought wine was locked up solid !
| I hope that helps. Also check the mailing list archive or the appDB for  
| which version I was running at the time. [Regression is a popular term on  
| wine-dev ;)  ]
| I think you can be pretty confident about getting v7 to install if you  
| check back on earlier postings, there were a couple of silly hic-coughs  
| but nothing too hairy.

Hi all,
great news, dnsv7 is now installed on my machine. It has been difficult to
figure out how to have "wineboot" working; here how I had to proceed:
when the install program told me I had to reboot, I first did a simple
"wineboot", either as user or root, no effect. Then I tried in a wine
menu (in xfce) to click on "KILL all wine processes" and then wineboot, it
doesn't work either. 
Then here's what worked:
As root, "ps ax | grep wine", and then looking at pid numbers, kill all of
the /usr/bin/wine-preloader processes (there were four or five of them),
one after the other. Then as user, wineboot worked. Wonder if this is

Never mind, now the issue is to have sound; the volume check does not
complete as for now. Strangely, as I have the french version, the text I'm
supposed to read for volume check is in english?? I'll check messages from
june on this,

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