ntoskrnl patch, reviews/comments/suggestions wanted

Ivan Leo Puoti ivanleo at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 02:51:53 CDT 2005

As Dmitry rightly pointed out, wine-devel is a good place to post stuff for help/comments/review, so 
here is an (almost) full diff of my tree against cvs. Without going as far as making wineserver a 
user mode ntoskrnl like mike_m suggested, this code allows kernel mode drivers to work decently in 
wine, naturally not many have been tested but it's a start. Alexadre's main complaint is that it's 
ugly to pass handles to ntoskrnl because it's a client process, currently we pass a pointer to a 
DEVICE_OBJECT, that obviously won't do but we're not sure what would do, suggestions are welcome.
secdrv.sys from safedisc 1 works. Some code used to work around the anti debugger checks has been 
removed, so you can't run safedisc in winedbg with this patch.
Running tools/make_requests and a full ./config.status && make depend && make is needed to build 
this patch.

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