Suggestions for improvement of the emulator

Hiji hijinio at
Tue Sep 6 17:53:19 CDT 2005

> [...]
> > I suspect the current model is either at or near
> its limits. It would
> > certainly not cope with a significant number of
> commercial outfits putting in
> > a serious level of contribution, nor does it
> encourage them to make the
> > attempt.
> I can assure you that there are many more important
> factors that might 
> dissuade a company from getting involved in Wine
> besides 'it's hard to 
> get patches committed'.

As a user, I've been particularly happy about how Wine
has progressed.  However, what is of GRAVE concern to
me is when patches that fix serious bugs aren't
applied; specifically, bug 3148.  Even the patch
submitter had to plead with this alias for someone to
listen because no one was paying attention to the
patch.  Yet, to date, the patch has either not been
applied nor the bug been fixed.  Simple, yet silly,
bugs like the beforementioned one can keep users from
taking advantage of newer versions of Wine because
they prefer to stay with older versions that don't
have the bug(s).

Food for thought...


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