Suggestions for improvement of the emulator

Steven Edwards winehacker at
Tue Sep 6 18:02:49 CDT 2005


On 9/6/05, Francois Gouget <fgouget at> wrote:
> I'll grant you that we could possibly setup a TinderBox type of system
> but I feel that would be very overkill right now and even TinderBox can
> only detect problems after patches get committed.

I don't know if everyone follows wine-cvs everyday and examines every
patch that goes through but we could suggest in our documentation that
CC's of patches are sent to certain developers along with
wine-patches. Basically the model would stay the same as it is now
except we would be laying the ground work for the move to a maintainer
model. If someone wants to be a maintainer then they would add
themselves to the list and would agree to review patches people to
send them.

If I was going to to do some DirectX hacking I would be more inclined
to send my patch to Oliver first rather than sending it to Julliard
because 1) I know Oliver is the defacto maintainer right now and 2) If
he has uncommitted patches in his tree then my changes could result in
conflict or duplication of work.

I know it has to be frustrating for new developers that join the
project don't know who works on what. They spend X amount of time
working on something only to see it be rejected or to be told "You did
this wrong". Sure they should have asked on wine-devel but maybe if we
had a list of people that were the point of contact for certain
modules (And clearly document the submission process) it would
encourage them to ask more questions directly.


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