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Hiji hijinio at
Tue Sep 6 21:34:19 CDT 2005

--- Dmitry Timoshkov <dmitry at> wrote:

> "Hiji" <hijinio at> wrote:
> > As a user, I've been particularly happy about how
> Wine
> > has progressed.  However, what is of GRAVE concern
> to
> > me is when patches that fix serious bugs aren't
> > applied; specifically, bug 3148.  Even the patch
> > submitter had to plead with this alias for someone
> to
> > listen because no one was paying attention to the
> > patch.  Yet, to date, the patch has either not
> been
> > applied nor the bug been fixed.
> Do you or the author of the patch know why the patch
> has not been
> accepted? Did you or he ask about the reason? If the
> patch was
> rejected because it's wrong or of a poor quality,
> Wine CVS with
> multiple committers would not solve this particular
> problem.

I don't want to speak for the author directly, but
last I checked, no one would even acknowledge that the
patch was submitted - so it didn't even reach the
rejection or acceptance point.  The sad part is that
the patch that created the bug was accepted, but after
realizing the error of the first patch, the author
tried to submit a second patch to fix his first error.
 Thus, that leads us to where we are at now.

This is my understanding of the situation.


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