Need ideas about ntoskrnl

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Wed Sep 7 09:34:15 CDT 2005

First let me thank everyone helping me and Ivan to get ntoskrnl moving

Summary of all the ideas and requirements:
1. wineserver should not be used to run drivers (absence of required
   functionality, single threaded, stability issues)
2. ntoskrnl should be used to run drivers only and link to ntdll and not the
   other way around. Unless we implement int 0x2e handling and replace
   wineserver with ntoskrnl. (this is wine not reactos, ntdll already has all
   the required functionality)
3. Drivers can not be ran in a process that requires them (drivers we concerned
   about keep information that is shared between different processes, drivers
   require their own environment that is different from a user process
   environment, ntdll has no means nor should it have them to run a driver)

And that's it.

This validates original design by Ivan Leo Puoti for ntoskrnl. Now, there are
still unanswered questions:
1. How to talk to ntoskrnl (directly from ntdll or through wineserver).
2. How to get information required for ntoskrnl from wineserver.
3. How to identify this is a device operation and not a file/named pipe/mail
   slot, etc.

I know folks you have more ideas, keep them coming.

Vitaliy Margolen

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