Installers freezing - ole, games

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg2 at
Wed Sep 7 12:52:40 CDT 2005

>I'll make an ole log and compair it to the one you posted on the bug page, hopefully that should
>identify the problems your having..
Okay...I can update the log after Marcus' patch if that will help. I 
also see other ole-related patches posted recently that aren't in CVS yet.

>Incidentally, what kernel are you running? and how are you mounting you cd drives (supermount,
>ivman or automount etc...)
I believe the mounting's taken care of by 
It's just a Fedora system... there's no automount or supermount. If that 
doesn't work I just mount it myself. I'm not sure what the consequences 
of that are for multi-cd installers, but I haven't gotten far enough to 
find out. Anyway, GTA is just a single dvd.

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