Suggestions for improvement of the emulator

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Sep 7 13:42:44 CDT 2005

> takeup (progress) of wine in the market. Interestingly even codeweavers has 
> such patches that Jeremy White terms "Proprietary Advantage". This'd be good 
> for me if I was making a living off Wine  like codeweavers are. In fact 
> perhaps I'd go out of my way to produce patches that wouldn't be accepted.

Just so we're clear - the use of the word "Proprietary Advantage" is an
inside joke.  It usually refers to code that is so bad that there is
no chance Alexandre would accept it into WineHQ.  But there are often
grey areas as well, where we get frustrated that
Alexandre won't accept a patch into Wine.  Our preference has been
and continues to be that everything we do go into Wine first; that's
the only way we get the peer review that can make Wine work well.

But I have generally found that Alexandre's instincts are
quite good.  He's also very reasonable; I've never found him
unwilling to discuss an issue, and I think I've even managed
to change his mind on occasion.

Isn't there a saying that goes something like:
"The best form of government is a benevolent dictatorship...
so long as you have the right dictator?"

However, I admit to a certain bias; it may be that Alexandre
cottons to my interest (Linux, mainstream apps), and that
there are communities that he serves badly.

But the best way to persuade me (and others) of that is to highlight
the patches.  Show me patches you've submitted, along
with arguments for them, and persuade me that he has
been wrong to refuse them.



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