Help with a patch needed

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Wed Sep 7 17:01:27 CDT 2005

I've sent the following patch to wine-patches approximatly 2 weeks ago, and it 
wasn't applied nor any suggestions for improvement where given. As suggested 
by some people in another thread, I send it to wine-devel to ask for help.

This patch adds handling for the DDSCL_SETFOCUSWINDOW flag in 
DirectDraw7::SetCooperativeLevel. It also adds some tests which test the 
reactions of Windows to these flag.

I've stumbled across the DDSCL_SETFOCUSWINDOW flag while debugging Empire 
Earth. This game cancels with msvcrt_abort if SetCooperativeLevel returns an 

Any comments / Suggestions from the DirectX people?

Stefan Dösinger
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