Need ideas about ntoskrnl

Ivan Leo Puoti ivanleo at
Thu Sep 8 00:10:58 CDT 2005

Rob Shearman wrote:

> Ivan Leo Puoti wrote:
>> Sure, you just have to convince Alexandre that it's a good idea to 
>> move all the Nt* APIs to ntoskrnl, you're welcome to try but I think 
>> it's something you won't s do before wine 8.0
> Every time you feel like saying "you just have to convince Alexandre 
> that it's a good idea" it should be a warning sign that what you are 
> proposing isn't really a good idea.
> In this case, ntdll shouldn't be calling ntoskrnl because we aren't 
> going to emulate the NT kernel to user apps. That is the job for 
> ReactOS. So yes, ntoskrnl should call ntdll functions because ntoskrnl 
> is just a user-mode client like any other app/dll.
> Rob
Actually I was being sarcastic, anyway moving that stuff without causing 
regressions would take a long time, it's something beyond the scope of 
wine 1.0 regardless of whether it's good or bad.


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