Suggestions for improvement of the emulator

Ivan Leo Puoti ivanleo at
Thu Sep 8 00:30:17 CDT 2005

Jeremy White wrote:
> We actually have a todo on Jeremy Newman's list to build
> a patch management system for wine-devel, for Alexandre.
> Our hope was that we could adopt some of the CodeWeavers
> systems (we have a ticket system that's pretty slick,
> for example).
> However, it became clear that the requirements were
> fairly substantial (the tight emacs integration became
> our first clue :-/), and that project got back burnered.
> At the time we were discussing that, though, we didn't
> have many volunteer web programmers; maybe we should
> revisit that.  Alexandre, would you be interested if
> folks other than Jer volunteered to help build such a system?

Jeremy, I think that's a great idea and the appdb improvements clearly show the web guys could come 
up with something really good.


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