wineserver keeps running after wine exits

ivan vadovič pivo at
Thu Sep 8 11:20:07 CDT 2005


This is what's going on using wine-20050725 and 20050830 under gentoo:

$ ls -l user.reg; wine winecfg; ls -l user.reg    # winecfg did some changes
... 7517 Sep 2 16:00 user.reg
... 7517 Sep 2 16:00 user.reg
$ sleep 5
$ ls -l user.reg
... 7629 Sep 2 16:13 user.reg

So, wine exits, but wineserver keeps running and finishes a second or two
later. As a result it rewrites the config files AFTER the command completion.
That confuses scripts reading and manipulating the registers. Well, it confuses
wine too, if I try to run wine immediately after exiting wine.

Is that on purpose? Is there any workaround? Am I doing something wrong here?


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