Safedisc 1 works on wine

Tom Wickline twickline at
Thu Sep 8 19:12:13 CDT 2005

On 9/8/05, Ivan Leo Puoti <ivanleo at> wrote:
> Finally we've got safedisc1 running on linux.
> Thanks go to *Laurent* Pinchart, Vitaliy Margolen, *Brad DeMorrow,
> Marcus Meissner, and Alexandre for contributing time/code/ideas.
> The code is 100% DMCA compliant and hopefully can be cleaned up to be
> good enough for cvs over the coming days and weeks.
> Two games have been tested, they both use the same version of safedisc
> (don't ask how we know, we do)

Will this support versions 1.6.0 through version 1.50.20 ?
1.6.0 was the first version of safedisk, version 1.11.0 introduced secdrv.sys
and NT support. And do you know if it supports "dplayerx.dll" and the
second layer of encryption that is applied on the ICD that is in

I suppose the only way to find out is to test allot of software that 
spans all the revisions, just thought I would be lazy and ask....


> Ivan.
> *

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